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The BeagleBone provides a (debug) serial port to provide simple communication.
This port is available on connector J1 on the BeagleBone Black.
BeagleBone Black board
TXD is an OUTPUT from BeagleBone, RXD is an INPUT to the BeagleBone.
UART0 Baud rate: 115200 N,8,1

What you will need

BeagleBone with FTDI cable

Steps to follow

  1. Install USB-to-Serial cable using 6-pin adapter.
  2. On Host computer start a terminal program such as putty, hyperterminal etc.
  3. Set the Baud rate to 115,200 Baud, N,8,1 on the COM used.
  4. Apply power to BeagleBone (via USB or 5VDC plug).
  5. As the system boots you will see messages.
  6. At the prompt: you can then log into the BeagleBone.