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Thursday, July 24, 2014

On 11:45 AM by Richard St-Pierre

Product Manuals

You can also access the manuals on the Logic Supply individual product pages.

Product Manual
Product Description
BB-Black-CBeagleBone BlackGetting started
UWN100Compact USB WiFi adapterInstallation guide
UWN200USB WiFi adapter with 4" antennaInstallation guide
CBB-Proto Proto typing capeWorkshop cape
Decision maker
CBB-EEProto Proto typing cape with EEpromCustom cape
CBB-XBeeXBee Proto typing capeBasic XBee Communication
CBB-RelayBeagleBone Relay capeRelay Control
Stepper Motor
CBB-SerialSerial Dual RS232, RS485, CAN Bus capeCAN Bus, DMX Lighting
CBB-TTL-232BeagleBone Black RS-232 Serial Micro-CapeIndustrial Applications
BBB-EXP-CBeagleBone 7" Touchscren and expansion I/O

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