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Thursday, June 19, 2014

On 4:40 PM by Richard St-Pierre


At work and need to do a quick web search? Want to enter laboratory results or shop floor data into a spreadsheet? Need to search for a part number to fix that equipment problem or work on a document while waiting for a batch to finish? Looking to automate data collection and increase productivity but don't have room on your work space? A light desktop client would be ideal for data entry.

The BeagleBone is so small, that it can fit behind a monitor (or even be mounted to a pole). A wireless keyboard/mouse gives you mobility around your work-station.

What you will need

The BeagleBone Black is a complete computer system, running multiple versions of the Linux operating system. A graphical user interface and desktop makes it easy for the geek-challenged to use.

In addition, the BeagleBone Black can do more than a desktop. With its Expansion capes you can directly measure, control and collect data electronically. Manual data entry is not as much fun as having the computer do it for you!


The BeagleBone comes pre-installed with the Linux operating system. Debian (or Angstrom) with a large community of users and developers.  This active community means rapid and interesting new applications and solution on a daily basis.  Many others share your needs and everyone benefits for collaborative efforts.

Step 1

For a light client, LibreOffice is a very popular suite of programs (spreadsheets, documents, drawings).

From your BeagleBone Terminal enter: {Debian Linux}
sudo apt-get install libreoffice


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