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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

On 4:11 PM by Dave Lovegrove

BeagleBone Proto Cape

  • 283 user-connection points
  • Duplicate P8, P9 signal connection points
  • Common bus bars for power and ground
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BeagleBone Proto Cape with EEPROM

  • Cape-manager EEProm with four addresses
  • 283 user-connection points
  • Surface mount footprints: SOT23-6, SC70-6
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BeagleBone XBee Cape

  • Standard ZigBee module 2mm-pitch connectors
  • Optional LEDs and Push-Buttons to customize your application
  • Prototyping area for additional circuits and sensors
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BeagleBone Serial Cape

  • Two RS232 ports with optional flow control
  • Half-duplex RS485 transceiver
  • Isolated CAN transceiver with external connections for isolated 5V power supply
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BeagleBone Black RS-232 Serial Micro-Cape

  • RS-232 level converter with DB9 male
  • UART0 default (option for UART4)
  • Low-profile design (fits in BB100 case)
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BeagleBone Relay Cape

  • 2 High current relays with status LEDs, screw terminals
  • 4 pushbuttons , 4 inputs and 4 outputs with status LEDs
  • R/C Servo signal
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